CODE Framework Downloads

Generally, CODE Framework is added to your project by means other than downloads. For instance, you can use the New Project Wizard to create Visual Studio Projects that include CODE Framework components. You can also add CODE Framework packages from Nuget. And, you can use existing Docker images as the basis for your CODE Framework deployments. However, there are other reasons that may make it beneficial to just download CODE Framework files directly. This page is provided for this purpose. For all other needs, please see Getting Started in the CODE Framework Docs.

CODE Framework Classic

CODE Framework Classic is the version of CODE Framework aimed at the full .NET Framework using WPF and WebApi and/or WCF. The following major builds can be downloaded from GitHub:

The following older versions are also available:

CODE Framework Core

CODE Framework Core is currently in use in internal project as well as specific customer projects, but no public build has yet been released. We hope to make the first public build available soon. If you need it now, please don't hesitate to contact us for an internal build.

CODE Framework Docker Images

Please refer to if you have questions about the CODE Framework Docker Images, or contact us directly.

CODE Framework Nuget Packages

Please refer to if you have questions about the CODE Framework Nuget Packages, or contact us directly.